The First Roast - Medium Dark

The First Roast - Medium-Dark

The First Roast is a blend of Colombian, Guatemalan, and Ethiopian beans each with a carefully developed custom roast profile. The Columbian beans provide a deep bottom end, the Guatemalan a solid second note, and the Ethiopian the shine, sparkle, and brightness. This is a perfect blend for coffee lovers all around the world. Our most popular blend hands down. Many exuberantly share their opinion that it's the best coffee they've ever had. Really. We hear that at least once a week.

We're glad that all the long hours, carefully chosen beans with very high cupping scores, meticulously crafted roast profiles, expert blending and the love put into this coffee are recognized and appreciated! Enjoy!

If you've already enjoyed some of the The First Roast, please leave a review below. We'd really, really appreciate it sooooooo very much! :-)

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