About Us

At Joshua Tree Coffee Company pursuit of perfect is the name of the game.

We started out roasting just two pounds at a time out of our home kitchen for a year and a half on a little tiny roaster, and are now roasting on a revolutionary Loring Smart Roaster with many cafes and retailers around the world enjoying our meticulously crafted roasts. From painstakingly selecting only the most choice high grade specialty coffee, to spending days developing roast profiles to bring the best out of each coffee, and roasting on what represents the only truly significant reinvention of the roaster ever, we'll stop at nothing to ensure we offer the best coffee in the world.

We're dedicated to selling organic coffee and spreading the word about its importance

Coffee is the third most heavily sprayed crop in the world. DDT and banned pesticides are often used at origin, so farmers and their families are suffering horrible deformities- including children that are born missing limbs. While it's up to an individual to decide whether or not they wish to consume these chemicals when they drink coffee, there's no excuse for people to continue to support non-organic growing when they've been educated as to the adverse affects it's having on farmers, their communities, and the environment. Join in and help in spreading the word and/or in making the switch to organic coffee!

Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certification

It's perhaps easily as important that coffee be either Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance Certified. Fair Trade helps to ensure that workers are given fair living wages, and Rainforest Alliance goes even further helping to address not only wages, but also the environment. It's critical to the environment and the quality of the coffee that chemical fertilizers aren't used and lands aren't deforested. Deforestation destroys the habitat, shade, and available nutrients that define the flavor and quality of the coffee harvested.

Wholesale Information

Please give us a call at 760-974-4060 (please leave a message if we're unable to answer), or use the contact form if you would like more information about wholesale pricing, deliveries, equipment and more.