As complex as humans are, how do you “sum yourself up” in a few paragraphs? While I do enjoy “walks on the beach” and I want an attractive woman who’s “funny”, I think there’s so much more to a person than you can possibly say in a few very shallow words.

First of all just to make it easy right away to like or dislike what you see, while I do own Joshua Tree Coffee Company (roasting all organic coffee on an $87,000 Loring Smart Roaster here in Joshua Tree) which is a successful business I don’t believe in a relationship having a whole lot to do with someone’s “success”. I understand a man or woman wanting to have security in life, but not just seeking money for the sake of excessive luxury in life. I don’t just like “rock” or “hip-hop” or “indie” music alone. I believe the merit in music is the emotion expressed, the the story told, how it moves you, or how it uplifts you. As such, I’ll listen to the top charts stuff and really like a lot of it because I’m not a “hipster”. I don’t believe that everything that’s popular is somehow no longer “good”. If I had to say that I particularly identified with a single genre, it would be singer/songwriter. That’s because it’s not just following some top chart music formula and while it may sound like most other “cafe” or “easy listening” music, much of the time the artist is expressing complex emotions in sometimes simple words with simple chords, progression, melodies, etc.

I’m a hopeless romantic and have had my heart broken and made some bad decisions. I’m incredibly humbled and grateful for the amazing, caring giving friends that I have that will not only not get in the way of my relationship with a woman (and not be jealous), but also help me in deciding if its right or not for me (I have some stories of notable importance to tell about some of the takers I’ve had for friends that took or dragged me down, and incredible stories about the real friends/family I have now). I want to find a woman with which I have a level of emotional (and physical) attraction with, that makes just holding hands, walking, hiking, and doing anything of kind completely fulfilling. I want a woman that doesn’t think it’s funny or “right” to have me fight another man because he looked at her in a way she didn’t like. Further than that, I’d like a woman that was mature enough and cared about me enough to do everything possible to not let me stupidly get into trouble on her behalf. I’d kill for someone I loved, but I don’t believe in violence. I’m a vegetarian and have been since birth. It’s not my religion and I’m not looking for a PETA activist. I’d like to meet someone who regardless of their own diet, religious beliefs (not a fan of organized religion even though I do believe in a creator), political opinions, and other preferences, keeps an open mind and is willing to at least consider another side/approach to things. Even at 27 I’ve lived enough to not expect to find someone “perfect” based on my preferences. I only hope to find someone who would at least listen to what I have to say about things that are near and dear to my heart and consider them. I also don’t expect someone to “change” overnight or at all for me to love them.

By now I think (and this isn’t some elitist or overtly intellectual thing to say), most people may be tired of reading. That’s fine because I’m new to Tinder and not totally sold on dating sites, and I'm happy to wait for the right person to put my time and energy and caring into and to share the immense potential beauty in life. Since I owned an IT company for nearly a decade I’m also not a luddite. I will finish by saying that to a certain extent I believe that by having too many preferences one can limit their options in meeting the right person. I believe that in the BEST circumstances, love can transcend all. I want to meet the woman who proves that right and not wrong. I want our first date to be going on a hike or rock climbing or off roading (I have a Double Cab Long Travel Tacoma if that means anything to you). Going to the movies or eating out is fitting into such a tired old social stereotype. No one needs to spend their time facing a screen and not talking to each other (I do love being a homebody every once in a while and watching a LOT of TV) or spending a bunch of money on excessively expensive dining (even if the money is there) to get to know each other. If you by some chance are interested in coming to meet me at my business or get to know me and go on a hike or enjoy a bottle of wine by starlight in the national park, please get in touch with me. I’m looking to find someone that I’m emotionally connected with to have a really enjoyable and meaningful experience with and/or relationship with. I’ve got a lot of love to give the right woman with the right intentions. I can’t wait to meet you and get a chance to share the best life has to offer us. Nothing is lost or gained at worse by meeting and perhaps a good friendships will come even where love doesn't. I've got an open mind and heart. Now get out here to Joshua Tree and let's chat. No expectations, no strings, just an adventure no matter what.


Big Hugs, Royce